The West Jordan Chamber of Commerce membership is a great way to connect with local, county and state elected officials regarding the needs of your business.

A few items that might impact your bottom line that we can help with:

  • Utility Rates
  • Sign Ordinances
  • Construction Impact
  • Non-Compete Laws
  • Transportation
  • Sustainability

In addition to being a West Jordan City Council watch dog for you, we also organize the following events, etc. to extend the reach to the County and State levels:

  • Share the Magic Awards Gala – a great opportunity to connect with local leaders in a social setting.
  • Western Growth Coalition – County and State leaders regularly attend to address concerns in the region.
  • Legislative Roundup – We provide opportunities for you to hear what’s happening on the hill.
  • Local Emergency Planning Commission – a non-threatening way to interact with the WJ Fire Department and learn prevention methods
  • Building West Jordan – Economic Development Summit – a great way for developers and contractors to get the information they need
  • Meet the City Business Outreach Luncheon – meet the WJ City department heads face to face and ask your pressing questions

Our advocacy efforts have saved local businesses literally tens of thousands of dollars. If you would like that kind of influence and assistance, we’ve got your back! Contact us today to find out how to get started!