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Meet The 2016 Executive Team

  • Mark Feigh
    Mark Feigh Chairman of the Board

    ReMax Associates

    WK# 801-231-8179
  • Suzanne Oliver
    Suzanne Oliver Past Chair

    Mountain America Credit Union

    WK# 801-325-6234

  • Robert Parslow
    Robert Parslow Chairman Elect

    Realty Path Success

    WK# 801-898-4767
  • Dan Griffiths
    Dan Griffiths Treasurer

    West Ridge Academy

    WK# 801-282-1000

  • Aisza Wilde
    Aisza Wilde President & CEO

    WK# 801-569-5151

Meet The 2016 General Board

  • Matt Dill
    Matt Dill Board Director

    Dill Rental & Sales

    WK# 801-566-1269
  • Jevine Lane
    Jevine Lane Board Director

    Lane Group Insurance

    WK# 801-450-6405
  • LaMont Snarr
    LaMont Snarr Board Director

    Chamber Services LLC

    WK# 801-214-8292
  • Steven M. Anderson
    Steven M. Anderson Board Director

    CEO – Jordan Valley Medical Center

    WK# 801-569-5105
  • Mark Palesh
    Mark Palesh Board Member

    Manager – City of West Jordan

    WK# 801-569-5105
  • Zach Jacob
    Zach Jacob Board Member

    City Councilmember

    WK# 801-569-5105

  • Dr. Patrice Johnson
    Dr. Patrice Johnson Board Member

    Jordan School District Superintendent

    WK# 801-567-8323
  • Mike Anderson
    Mike Anderson Board Member

    Jordan School District

    WK# 801-567-8167
  • Dr. Anthony Godfrey
    Dr. Anthony Godfrey Board Member

    Jordan School District

    WK# 801-567-8316