Building West Jordan


Chamber membership is included in the Building West Jordan ticket price – watch the video to find out why contractors would want to be a member of the Chamber.
Why is the economic development summit only for the City of West Jordan? This video answers that question.


What you get from attending Building West Jordan

  1. Information – Information is never a disadvantage. City officials will walk through the master plan and the zoning for areas such as the airport, the West Bench and the Mountain View Corridor. If you own land in West Jordan City, you may be effected. There are nearly 6,000 undeveloped acres in West Jordan City and as a contractor, supplier or developer, you will want to know what the plan is for that land.
  2. Maps – You will receive access to an interactive map that shows you what pieces of property are available, who owns them and various other interesting facts about the properties.
  3. Access – You will have the opportunity to discuss your current or future project with the Mayor, City Councilmen, the City Manager, the Economic Development Department, Code Enforcement, and Public Works
  4. Connections – You will be able to network with the contractors, developers, suppliers and builders that have projects, products and services that you may not be aware of that could add to your bottom line. The connection opportunity will not end with the event. Those in attendance will be granted access to a closed social media group where you can continue to interact with each other about projects and bidding opportunities. You will also receive ongoing notifications throughout the year regarding West Jordan City’s contracts, RFP’s, applications and building permits so that you will be the first to know about upcoming projects that you might like to be involved in.
  5. Exposure – Your ticket includes a one year membership in the West Jordan Chamber of Commerce. We have leveraged relationships with media outlets to give you special advertising rates as well as some free social media exposure. Our Chamber is the number one chamber in the state for social media engagement, so your ads will instantly be seen by literally hundreds of business professionals. Membership includes space on our website that receives thousands of hits every month and also helps with your SEO efforts. You gain access to our email blast list, our powerful networking events, our exclusive text marketing list, our business resource center and our group buying power. As a member of the Chamber, we will also advocate for you and your projects with West Jordan City elected officials and staff. Last, but not least, we throw in some fun stuff for you like 4 free tickets to Rocky Mountain Raceway and 4 free tickets to a Salt Lake City Stars game!

If you are a developer, contractor, builder or supplier click here to register:

All others – please contact our office at 801-569-5151 for registration options.


Companies that attended in 2017 Include:

Hogan Construction

Wadsworth Construction

Okland Construction

Big D Construction

Staker Parson

Geneva Rock

Layton Construction

Hughes Construction

Destination Homes

Ascent Construction



Hunt Electric

Royal Wholesale Electric

Asphalt Materials

Dawson Development

Unique Plastering

Cowboy Partners

JT Steel

Heritage Land Company

Ridge Rock Inc.

Kilgore Contracting

Heat Paving

Preferred Paving

Peterson Development

DB Development

Many More!