Choking on Your New Health Insurance Rates?

By Lauren Finch">Lauren Finch In General Posted November 7, 2017


Choking on your new health insurance rates?

If you are choking on the rising costs of health insurance and wondering how to cover the increases, we have some good news. THERE IS A LEGAL EXEMPTION TO THE HEALTH INSURANCE MANDATE THE PROVIDES HEALTHCARE AT LESS THAN HALF THE COST OF HEALTH INSURANCE. Combining this with a membership in a Direct Primary Care clinic means you get better, more personalized care.

The graphic below shows the savings potential on a family membership. The savings can be more with an individual or couples plan.

We have pioneered this concept locally and would love to show you how you can save money on yours or your family’s health care. Check us out on KSL:

Call us today at 801-676-6161 to find out how much you can save!

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