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The purpose of the Workforce Development – HR Forums (formerly Business to Education Partnership Council) is to develop, enhance and support partnerships among local businesses and the education community in order to develop a valuable local workforce.

Six Ways Businesses Can Work with Jordan School District:

  1. Tours of Your Facility – Even if you don’t hire teens, it is important to develop awareness of viable career opportunities within your organization. Sponsoring a tour of your facility will expose the future workforce to what your company has to offer so that when they are ready to go to work, they think of you first.
  2. Job Shadowing – This is a great way to get to know a few select students who show promise and interest in your industry.
  3. Guest Speaking – If your industry is not conducive to having students tour your site or come to your location, then you can come to theirs!  Guest speaking at the school can not only help the teacher convey a particular topic, but it can also spread awareness for labor needs within your industry.
  4. Volunteer – If public speaking isn’t your thing and you just want to give back, volunteer! The Jordan School District is always looking for help with Kids Marketplace, STEM Days and Reality Town.
  5. Internship – There are many students who are looking to serve an internship in their field of interest.  We get requests for everything from Culinary Arts to Criminal Justice. They can help out around the office with trivial tasks (unpaid) while learning about your industry and whether or not it would be a good fit for them.
  6. Career Path Profiles – If you need help recruiting for positions that do not require a college degree, you can submit a Career Path Profile to the Jordan School District that shows students (and their parents) how a new employee can climb your company ladder to a viable career within your organization.

The education community can also help you with your recruiting efforts. Make sure you take advantage of some of the valuable opportunities that are available for businesses.

Please email if you would like to get involved in our workforce development and simplify your recruiting efforts!

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