Local Emergency Planning Commission Meeting January 4, 2018

By Aisza Wilde In General Posted January 9, 2018


LEPC Meeting Minutes
January 4, 2017
10:00 AM
Next Meeting: Thursday, February 8, 2018, 9:00 AM

Attendance: Chuck McStotts, South Valley Water; TJ Heuser, Fetzer Inc; Al Richards, WJ Chamber of Commerce; Bryan Larsen, Steward Healthcare; Erik Nebeker, SLCOHD; Wade Francis, Utah State Fire Marshals office; Jerry Warner, Enviro Care; Reed Scharman, WJFD; Alisha Kimmerle, WJFD

WJFD Deputy Chief, Reed Scharman opened the meeting at 10:00 A.M.

• When you see a storm water issue- Call local municipality as well as county
o Fire department responds along with storm water, if illicit discharge issue, county is contacted
o Enforcement falls on the Salt Lake County Health Department

• Reed Scharman retiring end of this month after 35 years.
o Paul Brockbank to chair future meetings.

• THIRA- Threat Hazard Identification Risk Assessment
o Look at community of businesses and enhance awareness of hazards
 Earthquakes, electrical shutdowns

o What is the threat?
 Identify Hazard.
 Identify the risk and threat.
 How can we mitigate it?
 Perform GAP Analysis

o Last time THIRA was complete, Salt Lake City ranked first, West Jordan was second for highest risk level in the valley.
 Assets/Risks
• Sewer Treatment
• Water Treatment
• Airport
• Military Base
• Age/size of population
• Welby Rail Yard
o At any given time about 31/2 million gallons of fuel there
• Salt Lake City is the seat of a world religion
• West Jordan looks more and more like a wall to wall city

Round Table

• Erik Nebeker- SLCOHD
o Issues being faced in Salt Lake County, but outside of West Jordan
 Water main break in office building downtown- disaster cleanup let soap from carpet into gutter
 Vault separator overflowing from restaurant. Pumped instead of fixing road, which caused overflow. Issue is now fixed.
 Diesel spill into storm drains- gate closed to prevent it from getting into drainage
 Power Washer in SLC- heavy degreaser to wash mining bolts with pickle oil- went into drain that went into injection well
 Watch out for Salt Piles
• Need to be covered because of runoff from rain or snow
• Contact HD and they will review BMP
 Carpet cleaning company letting soapy water go into storm drain
• Soaps get into Jordan River- they help propagate the Algae cycle
 Hepatitis A outbreak- 90 confirmed cases
• Came from San Diego
• Primarily confined within homeless population
• Oral- Fecal transmitted

• Wade Francis, Utah State Fire Marshals Office
o Classes
 New website for class availability: www.utahhazmat.eventbrite.com
• Can also get to website through Fire Marshals office website.
 Pipeline Class in January 30, 2018. 11:30-1:30 at 9750 S 3rd West (SLCC Larry H Miller campus.)

• Bryan Larson, Steward Healthcare
o Higher than usual flu season
o Not as many slip and falls due to lack of snowfall
o UEMA conference next week in West Jordan
o Bio surveillance report

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