Local Emergency Planning Commission Minutes November 9, 2017

By Aisza Wilde In General Posted November 16, 2017


LEPC Meeting Minutes

November 09, 2017

10:00 AM

Next Meeting: December 14, 2017 10:00 AM



Attendance:     Chuck McStotts, South Valley Water; TJ Heuser, Fetzer Inc; Jerry Warner, Enviro Care; Aisza Wilde, WJ Chamber of Commerce; Bryan Larsen, Steward Healthcare; Karla Bartholomew, SLC HD; Mustaghfara Sujudi, Utah University; Reed Scharman, WJFD; Alisha Kimmerle, WJFD


WJFD Deputy Chief, Reed Scharman opened the meeting at 10:00 A.M.


  • Changes in Vegas due to mass shooting
    • Stopped being environmentally friendly and asking to re-use towels
    • No more “do not disturb” on doors, cleaners go in daily
    • Extended stay hotels are a challenge
  • Emergency 1st responders dealing with fentanyl (synthetic opioid)
    • One of the newer manufactured drugs- Very dangerous and it takes very little to kill
    • Hazmat and Firefighters and working on plan to assess for signs this drug is present
    • Carfentanyl- Animal Version
    • Meth Labs have slowed down due to emergence of Fentanyl
      • Use gone up, labs gone down
    • WMD (Weapons of Mass Destruction) response
      • Integrating training
      • Moved Hazardous Materials section from DEM (Division of Emergency Management) to Fire Marshall
        • Most of Hazmat coordinated through fire department anyway
      • Groups doing intentional harm use traditional methods as well as unconventional methods.
        • Biochemical has been around for a long time
          • Special training for biochemical situations
          • Have taken down Ricin in West Jordan
        • Biological attacks, newest mechanism
          • Expanded, number of communicable diseases has increased
          • Need a broad view of hazardous materials, where they are, need tracked by businesses and reported if materials are purchased in large amount
          • See something, say something
          • Assess situation and react accordingly
        • Exercise/training at Camp Williams
          • Mass Shooting- Transported people to Jordan Valley
          • Included Chemicals
        • Pipeline Survey
          • Aware of national pipeline mapping system?
            • Yes, have received info within the last year
          • How to recognize pipeline right of way
            • Signage, scar in ground
            • Pay attention to those- development areas especially
          • How to know if pipeline near you
            • Markers, line runs through property
          • How to tell if you have a pipeline leak (Do not check yourself- Call Dispatch)
            • Bubbling/hissing noise
            • Dead vegetation- Line across yard
          • Have the following information for dispatch
            • Location (google maps shows current location)
            • Determine what happened- what you are seeing
            • Stay out of immediate danger
            • Dispatch will notify appropriate utility company
          • In the future- Crude oil turned into a bead/ball and made more transferrable?


Round Table


Bryan Larsen, Steward Healthcare

  • CERT Training 13th & 14th – Waiting for exact number before billing
  • ATC 20 Training- November 17, 2017, GTI Technical institute
    • Earthquake Building Regulations
      • How to inspect building, make sure you can move back into it
      • 5 Seats left
    • JC TAWS
      • 28th, 29th Counter Terrorism training


Aisza Wilde, WJCOC

  • Utah Manufacturers Association
    • Safety trainings listed on Facebook- if we want to participate
    • A few left this year Nov 17th, Dec 1st, Dec 15th
    • Way to connect with local manufacturers

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