Minutes from the Local Emergency Planning Committee on May 12, 2016

By aisza In City News Posted May 20, 2016


Local Emergency Planning Committee Meeting Minutes

May 12, 2016

11:00 A. M

Next Meeting: June 9th at 11:00AM



Attendance: Reed Scharman, WJFD; Tara Behunin, UT. Div. Emergency Management; Darrel Wilkins, Sysco; Chuck McStotts, SV Water; Bryan Larsen, IASIS Healthcare; Jerry Warner, Envio Care; Tim Bussey, H20 Environmental; Aisza Wilde, West Jordan Chamber; Marti Whiteman, WJFD

WJFD Deputy Chief, Reed Scharman opened the meeting at 11:03 a.m.


Tara reviewed the coming events.

May 17th & 18th is the Governors’ Safety Summit in St. George

  • August 17th LEPC Conference – Provo Utah Valley Convention Center
  • August 27th Utah Preparedness Conference- South Towne Expo Center
  • September 26-28th is the PIO Conference in St. George
  • October 25-28th Utah Flood Plain Conference in St. George
  • State of Utah registered 900,090 for the Shake Out
  • June 20-21 in Taylorsville -training with Department of Health and Homeland Security course for your agency and community
  • Pamphlet on Floods – available in a box of 100 (contact Tara)

Open Discussion- round table

Reed reviewed the “Lights Out” training for West Jordan city staff at Station 53 on May11th. This was part of the Urban Area Initiative exercise plan. Over the last year there have been table top exercises in various arenas. The West Jordan EOC was able to do a “functional tabletop” exercise for the policy and planning sections. Lights Out is a cyber-terrorism exercise which focused on a cyber-event followed by a power outage as a result of terrorism. How would we respond?

The training was for the city administrators as well as operations personnel from Police, Public Works and Fire. We worked with city, county, state and the F.B.I. There was a field portion in locations in Salt Lake City and Murray that involved two explosions. There was evidence collection and investigation at these sites.

The last major power outage in the whole Salt Lake valley was in 1976 with a grid failure shut down and there was no power anywhere. FEMA Network Failure Analysis takes a power outage and looks at all the things disrupted, like food supply, water pressure, sanitation, vehicle accidents and death. We had management talk about the consequences they would face and the decisions they would make.

West Jordan has eight sub stations in the city. Rocky Mountain Power has done some pre-planning and they are more responsive to city growth now in the planning of their substations.

There needs to be about 3.5 million dollars in loss for Salt Lake County entities before you can qualify for any government aid. This means West Jordan might have to bear a considerable loss on its own. The Lights Out was about coordinating our policy decisions and our initial planning in response to the terror attack.

Businesses must ensure they have trained safety personnel and back up personnel for these kinds of situations. A business with a spill can be set back significantly by the possible loss.

We are now working on the Community Emergency Response Plan, a multi-page document. It meets requirements, but needs to be more readable and meaningful. Copies are available from Reed.

Tier II reports– businesses are required to report their chemical quantity and expertise with hazardous materials, contaminate sites are contaminated forever. If a business has list of lists brought together chemicals over 10,00 lbs. they have to report annually by March 1. The document Right to Know Act.

list who their coordinator is. Any hazardous reports go to 911, then to the fire department, Salt Lake County Health, State Health and ultimately the National Response Center. The MSDS sheets are now called SDS sheets. We have a library in the hazmat trailer.

In regards to the evacuation plans, such as road routes in this valley where do you go? There are no other major cities around us within 120 miles. No one entity has enough personnel to handle an incident of this size.

Sysco is now working toward updating their ammonia alarm system.

Jordan Valley Hospital participated in an exercise testing the new Hospital Association Crisis care policies. There were over 100 volunteers who came to Salt Lake to overwhelm the emergency facilities. This is to test the guidelines out on casualty and mortality rates in a crisis. Then on May 3rd the NDMS (National Disaster Medical System) tested a “Dirty Bomb” scenario from Chicago at the airport. Chicago’s patients could impact our community in a disaster.

Aisza attended the ground breaking for a new manufacturer in West Jordan, Taffy Town.

LEPC meetings are for any bus owner or citizen to attend, they are considered as a member. In the future we may hold monthly meeting at local facilities, this could bring more participation. If any member wants to present what they experienced, or offer a tour, it is welcomed.

The second week of the month works better to schedule LEPC meetings.

Meeting concluded at 11:59 a.m.


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