SnugZ USA, Welcome to the West Jordan Chamber!

By Lauren Finch">Lauren Finch In General Posted January 3, 2018


Welcome SnugZ to the West Jordan Chamber! We are looking forward to working with you!!


“Since 1989, SnugZ has always been committed to providing an exceptional customer experience and producing high quality products for their customers.

SnugZ USA had its beginnings in a humble attic in Utah. The company has grown from 5 to over 450 employees and is recognized as an industry leader in the manufacturing of lanyards, eyewear retainers, health & beauty products and food gifts in the promotional products industry.

We began producing a line of customizable eyewear retainers, with less than 10 employees and a strong philosophy that our customers were our first priority period. Lanyards were offered during the early years, but our eye retainers were all the rage and what we were known for in the industry and beyond. In 1995 our lanyards became more and more popular. The lanyard market, which had been growing steadily started to really boom and by 1997 our lanyards began to outsell our eye retainers. In 1999 we introduced our innovative Clam Shellâ„¢ lanyard construction that is now imitated by nearly every lanyard supplier out there. By the year 2000 the lanyards took over the precious first pages in the SnugZ catalog.

In January 2006, our customers paid us the ultimate compliment by recognizing SnugZ as the #1 Lanyard Supplier in the industry. Since then, SnugZ has become much more than a lanyard and eyewear retainer company! With decades of hands-on-experience, SnugZ USA’s mission is to generate value for our distributor partners by providing unwavering service and quality promotional products that are delivered on time, thereby creating opportunities for members of the SnugZ team to learn, to grow, and to better their lives

Also available, our exciting Z Collection, a high performance lifestyle line of sun and skin care products with imprintable spa/resort-quality packaging. For active lifestyles, SnugZ also provides Lip Balm, Sunscreens, Hand Sanitizers, Sanitizing Lotions, Aloe Vera and even Gift Pack options. The SnugZ personal care line has you covered!

New, in 2015, SnugZ introduced Zen, an extension of its personal care line. The line will feature an industry first offering of essential oils and blends. Zen will also provide the ultimate in relaxation with an assortment of soaps, candles, bath salts, bath bombs and diffusors. Take a load off of your shoulders, enhance the senses and relax with Zen by SnugZ USA.”


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