The Chamber Facilitates Good Community Relationships

By aisza In General Posted May 17, 2017


We received a call from one of our member businesses, Mountain Point Paving. They said they had a little bit of a budget for some charity work.  We connected them with the Peer Support Group over at the West Jordan Police Department.  They talked about common goals and how the money would be used.  The Chamber scheduled a time for Patrick Gorman, owner of Mountain Point Pavement to present a check to the Peer Support Group to help get the word out to all of the officers and their families that this resource is available to them.  The money will help officers cope with the regular encounters that they have with recently deceased citizens and horrific crimes committed against children.

The Chamber of Commerce is witness to countless acts of support and compassion from our local businesses, this is just one example.  Thank you Mountain Point Pavement for allowing us to share this moment.

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