To Solve Workforce Challenges, Simply Get Involved

By Aisza Wilde In General Posted August 30, 2017


I have met with several major employers and small businesses in West Jordan and I always ask them the same question, “What is your biggest challenge?” Business leaders often respond, “Finding good people.”

According the Salt Lake Chamber, this is a problem throughout the state. They are finding that their members have the exact same challenges. After researching, studying and pondering, Lane Beattie and I have each come to the same conclusion. The solution is for businesses to get involved with Pathways programs and the high school’s Career and Technical Education programs.

These programs have great cross-sector participation and are always anxious for more business involvement. Education needs more industry partners at the table.  Participating in the education system can address the talent shortage facing the businesses in our city. Local businesses have a vested interest in developing the skilled workers needed for our complex economy.

Employers can collaborate with their local high school CTE program, technical college, community college or university by joining the Business Education Partnership Council to share ideas and suggestions from the private sector perspective. These discussions help our educational institutions continue to align new degrees, certificates and programs with industry needs. Employers can also use those connections with education to assist in their recruiting efforts.

Employers are competing for talent in this environment and the West Jordan Chamber offers tools, ideas and resources to help our local businesses compete for those workers. We are here to help you solve your problems, to help you grow your business and to help you be as prosperous as possible.  The meeting is free to attend and lunch has been generously provided by Jordan Valley Medical Center’s Executive Chef. We appreciate their engagement with us as we continue collaborating to find creative solutions to workforce challenges.

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